What to buy parents for Christmas?


I always find it really hard to buy presents for my parents. They seem to have all they want and are from an era where they don't want to receive material items for the sake of it.  Many grandparents love practical gifts. As children our Christmas stockings were very small and usually consisted of a piece of fruit, some sweets and a couple of toys to play with and we were very happy. Now, over fifty years on Christmas 'gift giving' seems to have blown out of all proportion.

This is one of the reasons why I started my business, I wanted to give practical presents that would last. It seemed to go down well. Towels are not exactly exciting objects but personalising them with appliqué letters really makes them into something special. They almost last forever! I know,  because my customers tell me!

I often have to sew on unusual names or nicknames onto towels and dressing gowns. This always makes me chuckle. The towel may be a gift from the child with their own little nickname for a grandparent - my mother was always called 'Gary' by my children as they could not pronounce 'Granny' - it's stuck!

What do your children call their grandparents?