Treasure your mother with a personalised gift           

I love sewing special, personalised orders and over the years there have been so many. Recently three little children wanted to give their mother a towel ‘like ours’ but they added their initials at the end.

One recipient told me she had worn her dressing gown so much that it had practically fallen apart & looked really grubby so she had cut out her MUMMY letters to keep forever.

 The joy about hand making a gift is that the giver can choose special material if they so wish.  I ask something about the recipient, her likes and dislikes and I always find there is something in my ‘glory box’ of fabric for everyone.

The feedback over the years has been brilliant which makes my job so much easier.  You can spend a little with a token of a flannel with an initial for your mother or buy a robe for Mum to snuggle in to after her bath. It is a little bit of luxury for every day.